Brown MLO Pack 80+ Interiors

This is a pack of 80+ MLO interiors. Includes Agency Headquarters from Max Payne 3, Clucking Bell, Diner & Church from GTA IV & many other interiors like druglabs, criminal hangout interiors, fightclub, ballas house, paleto bay medical center, sandy & paleto bay sheriff station, motels & more.

Some of these interiors are duplicated like the motels, druglabs etc and that’s why its 80+

Credits to NoobySoft for making the Paleto Bay Sheriff Station, I merged it together with my Sandy PD. (I got his permissions to upload).

Coords and showcase videos for each interior are in download file.

Please do not reupload this anywhere without my permission. All the files are unlocked so do whatever you want but if use this remember to give credits :smiley:

Shootout to dexyfex for making Codewalker!
Shootout to 3Doomer for making Gims EVO!

If some ressource Luas are missing, you can just copy it from any of the other interiors. You can also stream all the mlos in 1 ressource if you rename the manifests to like manifest1, manifest2, manifest3.

For people having flicking or weird issues (most likely caused på OneSync) there is a meta proxies fix. Thanks to @Nowimps8 for helping me with this. Stream it as u would with anything else:
BrownProxy.rar (762 Bytes)



Looks Good. Keep Up The Great Work!

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Looks nice, just an FYI that a few folders in Part 1 are missing __resource.lua files.


Ohh might have missed that, thanks for informing me :smiley:
Will look through it again and upload them in zips

Holy S**t Thanks for sharing those MLO! Amazing!
I can imagine who many hours that request to make all this MLO
Thanks again

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I began mapping in January 2019 :smiley:

Only one word for you …*** sick **** dude amazing. . Some files are missing in resource Lua … Add and reload :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::black_heart:

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Yeah I know will fix it, also you can just take the ressource lua from any of the interiors and it should work :smiley:


:slightly_smiling_face:Looks good

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Amazing work as always, thanks for sharing

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These mlos are the highest quality on gta 5, so. Definetly pick them all up, and yeah. Amazing work bro. Keep it up.

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Super it is MrBrown him self! - We just had a misunderstanding haha - but just talked with him so this release is legit +1 Rep from here!


+1 MrBrown <3

Will you return to FiveM again? You said in your now closed server with Hamza, that you both lost your pleasure in playing FiveM.


I will still be finishing my last projects for GTA 5/FiveM, then move on to RDR2 when its released. So hyped for it! <3


you have script motel bro ?

I can’t script xD

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The beach motels don’t run for some reason placed them in resources and when trying to join the server say’s can’t load beachmotels.

Do u have the bahamas door fix installed? That might cause a bug I was told, but never tested it myself. Try loading motels last :smiley:

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Yeah i have bahamas door fix i believe and just also got the same thing for the suffolkchurch

Sorted it it was due to them not having a __resource.lua so added one from another map and seems to of sorted it :slight_smile:

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