[BrixtonRP ||| Serious Role play ||| Highly Optimized ||| Full Controller Support! ||| Streamer Friendly! ||| Discord.gg/zs3e5Z3K77 (https://discord.gg/zs3e5Z3K77) |||

[BrixtonRP ||| Serious Role play ||| Highly Optimized ||| Full Controller Support! ||| Streamer Friendly! ||| Discord.gg/zs3e5Z3K77 (BrixtonRP) |||

Welcome to BrixtonRP or also known as Brixton, We’re a constantly growing Community which thrives in Creating constant and High-quality Roleplay for the whole FiveM scene. At BRP we aim to keep our community Clean and Family / Streamer Friendly.
We welcome anyone from any Community to BRP allowing them to Experience some Serious UK Roleplay. As BRP grows day by day we try to bring our Community closer and closer slowly becoming a big Family, We hope to bring BRPto many other Social platforms and other gaming platforms. But at the moment our primary goal is to make our FiveM server the Newest UK Roleplay server, On our Server currently, we offer Multiple enjoyable and Eventful Jobs running from MET Police, NHS, Mechanic and all the way down to cleaning the Bins.

We have got a dedicated and active Staff group which is constantly keeping an eye on the BRP Community, In game and Out of the game. Our staff team work hard to keep our Server Community happy and safe, Our main objective in the BRP Staff team is to keep everyone safe on our Servers. We all care about the Mental health of each other and We will reach out to anyone suffering at home so please if you’re suffering from any Mental Health Issues or Feel alone.

Features on our FiveM Server

• True British Experience - We have brought the Real British Life into FiveM, British Laws, British Cars, British Jobs, British Maps… No more running around with Guns shooting people constantly, Become dedicated to your Job, Work your way up in the City, Meet new people, Drive fast cars, Find your own personal character and Feel the Vibes of the UK

• Multiple Roleplay Opportunities - On BRP, We’re offering every player the ability to have 5 different characters for 5 different Roleplay experiences. If you want to have a Job in as one character and a Criminal as the other characters, You can. We have a few requirements for creating multiple characters but that will become along once you play more!

• Custom Cars - We have Hundreds of Custom vehicles to choose from, Do you want to drive around in a Fresh BMW or a Banged up Civic choose the car of your Choice at our Locals dealerships or From our community webstores. We sell personal vehicles to allow all players to experience the Cars they want. Choose from 700+ Custom vehicles!!

• Start to become a Criminal - On BRP we have made the Criminal scene… Perfect… We have introduced Multiple robberies to allow all players to get a hold of some rare items and some big cash!! Take a peak inside our Banks and our stores to see what the High tier players are getting their hands on, You can become one of these players with the Hard work and Dedication. As a team we have worked Several Weeks configuring all of our Robberies so they’re not Easy and Not hard. We have made it Equal to all Players of our Community!

• Police & NHS - Do you want to become part of the Most enjoyable jobs in our Server? Become part of the Police or NHS. Being on the team allows you to get hold of one of the top paid jobs on the Servers, While paying good we offer good Rewards for hard work and dedication while also providing enjoyment on the Job! We have over a Hundred custom Vehicles for all of the colleague to use! We have also brought a clean system so Criminals don’t have the Upper hand above Police or NHS. We have made it 50/50 Between Police and Criminals making the roleplay fair upon both different groups!

• UK Maps and Economy - We have purchased / created some of the most high quality products for the FiveM community. We have really brought the British scene into a Video game! We have purchased from some high Tier creators including London Studios, Project London Remastered, Her Majesty’s Studios and UK Overhaul!