Brits IPL (For a cleaner, More expansive environment)

I Updated one of the IPL lists circulating the community(credits to the OA in the readme) which includes 3 IPL versions.
Basically every known Imap loaded(excluding ones that conflict with other loaded imaps, see comments in this version)

For more of a sparse map, useful for your own base IPL if you want to edit to your liking

Expansive (The scripts default):
Cleans up alot of areas.
Areas that were causing AI pathfinding collisions, Inclusion of missing walls/ground Imaps,
Removed the forest over the new trainline, Useful for those with train scripts, and just general expansion on the Quality of Life of the environment.

Brits_interiors.rar (93.0 KB)

Thought iā€™d drop it here, might be useful for some of you.

See you on the dusty trail!