Breath Condensation | sm-breath

Breath Condensation | sm-breath - A simple resource for immersion.

this script is meant to be used during cold months/during cold weather on your server
With this script you will see your players, and others, breath at a set interval. By default when someone is talking this effect lasts continuously until they stop talking.

Purchase Here [$5] - Tebex Link

Preview: - Click here if it doesnt load.


Nice! I love this :heart: :snowflake:

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I love this kind of release, TAKE MY MONEY!!! Thank you to share it :heart::heart::heart:


Hey nice looking script, any chance you can post the performance numbers with this script through resmon?

Hi, i buy it but i got this “error” (?) in console for every player online


My bad, this was fixed but I somehow reverted the code before release. Give me a bit to get home and I’ll fix the problem.

Script still works just cant find netids that aren’t in your render distance.

Performance numbers will be posted after I update the script to fix the issue from @strianodev’s reply.

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Let me know when done, I might just purchase this

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Update pushed: Should have optimized everything + fixed the issue from this post.
Note that the TalkAmplify may have a greater hit on your server, I dont have many people to test this with so you guys will have to let me know.

Unless you guys know how to redownload the script after purchasing feel free to privately message me for the updated download. Have your tebex transaction id ready.

If the issue from the post above continues, let me know asap. It shouldnt but just in-case message me.

As for the preformance numbers, I have to go do something soon so I cannot get to that as of right now. If someone whos already purchased the script and has the latest update wants to post them feel free to. I would greatly appreciate it.

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i wana purchase too. but need that fixed :sweat_smile:

It has been fixed as far as I am aware.


Hey saw you didn’t update the fxmanifest version.

I will try to get you performance numbers now

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The performance on idle with default configuration.

So there’s almost no performance impact on the server.


5$ for such a simpel resource? wow

I mean that’s why it’s only 5$. If you don’t like the price you can just not buy it and make it yourself…


So we absolutely love the function of the script but is there a chance we can get an update for like interior proxies so we don’t see our breath when in interiors and also maybe a config for only xmas, light snow, blizzard, snow weather’s? Or if the snow ground effects are enabled then we see breath, otherwise disabled :smiley: . I’ve been looking into it myself and if I figure it out I’d be happy to port it to you but if it happens before hand… that’d be awesome haha.

That is something I can look into for a future update for sure. I have a couple other projects going on right now but if I find the time ill be sure to try it out.

It’s actually really simple to check the weather and if a player is in Interior 0 (outside). Anyone who owns the script could probably implement that themselves in just a few minutes assuming their is a toggle on/off variable built in (and if not then if one could easily be easily added)

It might increase performance hit a very tiny bit because it has to be called frequently enough to update when a player enters an interior (although, you certainly don’t need to call it on 0, you can get away with 500+ for sure)

The link aint working

I’ve tried multiple payment options and nothing will work. Please advise