Breakthrough RP - Build Your Own Custom Car | Custom Housing | Player Owned Businesses | Custom drugs script

Discord: Breakthrough RP
About US:

EST 2021. i edited a post i had already posted on the forums from a while back.

Breakthrough RP is a RP community that was created by a group of friends that wanted to expand out friend group and create a unique and fun server experience. My main focus is the development side as well as learning all i can on how i can improve the server both in more custom scripts and a better RP experience for everyone.

We constantly update and change the server based on user suggestions and are always looking to expand our team. Suggestions are reviewed monthly and a road map is made to develop and implement the suggestions the community decides. We also love to do events in city from car shows to races as well as some server wide events for things like Halloween, Easter, Christmas which you can gain special loot you cant get otherwise.

We would love to see your photos and videos you create of the server and we add our community favorites to our loading screen each month. This community is content creator friendly so if you are a streamer you are more then welcome (Let one of the staff know so we can add you to the stream announcements channel).

We hope to see you around

What can we offer?:

  • Serious RP
  • Well developed server being constantly updated and improved
  • Custom housing anywhere in the server
  • Serious and fair staff team
  • Great community
  • Activities to do when you are not working
  • Building your own car
  • Owning your own business
  • We listen to your opinions
  • Chance to own your own business

What separates us from other servers?:

  • Complete wiki on how to do things in the server
  • Helpful staff and other members
  • Custom cars with new additions always being made
  • Many custom maps and scripts
  • User suggestions are taken into account and added
  • Purchasable player owned delivery businesses
  • Standard GTA Cars in a separate dealership
  • Purchasable boats in a separate dealership
  • Custom drug scripts which are modified and updated all the time
  • Item crafting system

Discord link: Breakthrough RP

Here are some pictures from the server:

A Car being built

Some of our job vehicles

A fully rewritten casino has now been added into the server. These scripts will utilize the third eye and have many new features including the lucky wheel.

There is currently a in server event running for a day to promote the new casino.

  • Horse racing added (use the third eye on the guy near the track behind the casino)
  • Armored Truck robbery added.
  • House robbery overhauled.
  • Chicken Fighting has been added
  • Car Boosting has also been added to the server

Details for the above can be found in the discord and on our wiki. See you on the server!