BrChaze Rp Public Server v1.0 | Hiring Police, Fire, Ambulance | Custom Cars 100+ | ServerSide Graphics La Roads Weapon Vehicle

BrChaze Rp is a new server that just opened , And was developed in mid-September, I tried developing a server back in 2018 but didn’t have the courage I have now, I hope you enjoy your time in BrChazeRP Discord

Available Jobs:

  1. Hotdog Job (Head to cityhall to get your Weiner on the BBQ)
  2. News Reporter (get a news paper from a news stand because that’s your job and report the news)
  3. Bus Driver (Drive lazy ai around LS to make some money)
  4. Taxi Driver ( Drive ai to there desired location or take player call if they need a ride)
  5. Volunteer Firefighter ( Volunteer to put out fires to get a change to get hired)
  6. Garbage Job (Go around LS and collect garbage don’t get pricked by a little friend or else)
  7. Lumberjack (Head down to paletos wood factory and chop some wood for a wire maybe?)
  8. Recycling Job (Head to paleto for a dirty job but a great one)
  9. Tow Job (Ruin peoples lives by taking there cars to the pd for police)
  10. Trucker Job ( Deliver to stores so people don’t starve and cause havoc around LS)

Whitelisted Jobs:

  1. Police (There are currently 3 departments LSPD, BCSO, DOC we are working on adding more don’t forget to pay for your parking or we are coming)
  2. Fire (We are setting the script up)
  3. EMS (Work as a paramedic to help save lifes around LS)
  4. Burgershot (Work as a burger employee flip burgers, make fries, server icecream, don’t forget to wash your hands before making food)
  5. Mechanic (fix peoples vehicles make sure to keep your supplies up)
  6. Real-estate (Give people houses around LS or take there house and make them homeless or make them head back to there moms apartment)

Activates around the city:

  1. Casino (Play some Blackjack, Roulette, Horseracing, Lucky Wheel)
  2. Bowling (Need a good time or wanna join a league come on by)
  3. Arcade (Don’t forget your ticket at the front desk head upstairs there is arcade machines and a computer)
  4. Pier (Grab your friends and head to the pier for a ride on the roller coaster and wheel)
  5. fishing (Get your hillbilly friends there is rental boats for fishing don’t forget to talk to Billy at the docks for your fishing gear)
  6. Farming (Head down to paleto farms and help out Man Rob with his apple picking, pumpkin picking, corn harvesting, don’t forget your bucket you need it to milk the cows in the barn you need a knife to gut that cow young sir, if you want to feed the pigs when your done milking head to Grapeseed i have a pig farm down there with some more stuff to be picked)
  7. Metaldetacting (Head down to the beach and find lost goods)
  8. Hunting (Need Hunting Rifle)
  9. Pizzaboy (Deliver pizza to costumers around LS to earn a few extra dollars)
  10. Mining (Go to the mines there’s a guy named carl there waiting with your gear help him gather stuff and take it over to the smelting building there you can make rings and other stuff)
  11. Diving (Head to a diving store for your gear don’t let the police see you)

Illegal Activates:

  1. Car Delivery
  2. Coca Fields
  3. Meth
  4. Store Robbery’s
  5. Truck Robbery’s
  6. House Robbery’s
  7. Bank Robbery’s
  8. Scrapyard
  9. Atm Robbery
  10. Street Racing
  11. Blackout (Find c4 and head to the power plant to make magic happen)