🧮 BRB Hud [ESX/QB] - Modern Hud, Oval Map, Speedometer, Compass

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 600
Requirements N/A
Support Yes


  • Added Speedometer!
  • Now working with all resolutions!

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Does it use same exports triggers as qbcore? So other scripts that effect stress doesn’t need editing?

Also what is resmon on this, and can players change speedometer refresh rate to save cpu usage?

It takes the stress from metadata, if some other script generates some stress it will be shown. You can change the refresh rate of data updating inside the config, also you can turn off the compass, because its the main problem that could add some ms. Also you can change speedometer refresh rate inside the client. With compass on I get around 0.05-6ms. Without it on its around 0.01-3ms

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Cool cool. Is it possible to edit the css or html for colors on the hud?

Yeah everything is in css, but you’ll just have to guess which one is which or simply create a ticket and I will help. Also there is already colored icons inside the folder, you just need to change them inside the config