Bounty Contracts

Tebex :

Preview :

Updated Preview
Updated Preview

Features :

  • Random spawn locations for targets
  • Options to spawn goons to protect the target
  • Cooldown
  • Pay based on location of the target
  • Enemy npcs
  • If ped is a certain distance away from player the job fails
Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500
Requirements QBCore, qb-target, polyzone
Support Yes
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I have purchased this and its all setup as should be however when i receive the bounty contract its empty, I added the item to my items and the bounty contract code to the app.js, any ideas why its not working please

Its fixed i added the code in the wrong sticky note code in the .js moved it down to the other and all good, thanks

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very nice scripts <3

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thanks mate

Updated Preview

I have the old bounty contracts and the goons are not shooting me when I show up but shoots other npcs?

i dont do support on here, open a ticket on my discord with your transaction id an ill assist