Body Damages V2 [ ESX / QBCore / STANDALONE ][PAID]

Yeah I just got it and see that. I’m having a few issues with it thought and am not sure how. Whenever a player is killed/down. The health status resets to 0 and shows no injury’s.

You have correctly configured the max_health and min_health, it is extremely necessary to put the correct values, what is the maximum life of the ped, when the player falls, is the life zero or is it set to 100 and the ragdoll is set? If it is configured wrong, the script resets and does not show the right information

figured out it was because i disabled animations

Before buying this i would really like to now if for example i get shot or hurt in the leg will my character start limping? like does diffierent damaged body parts affect you in certain ways? also do i get hurt if i crash my car

At the moment the script does not have animations, it only shows the wounds, what caused the wound, the damage.
I haven’t implemented animations due to conflicts with other scripts, but it’s an idea I want to add for sure, with a setting to disable it if necessary.
And yes, depending on how hard you hit the car, the character gets hurt.

Ok sounds cool but i will buy it when it has animations for sure

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100% waiting for animations as well lol.

Getting a limp when hit by a car for a minute or two would be awesome.

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I will provide the animations and some new features like healing items

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planned eta? :slight_smile:
My EMS system (Wasabi) has healing items, as does most out of the box ambulance jobs. but might be cool to see more variations!

The big thing is the register of injury and setting a injury type animation for X time as they “walk it off” lol.

Player gets hit by car and causes 20% damage, they get emoted for 2 minutes in a “slight drunk walk” animation.

They get hit for 50% damage, maybe its 5 minutes in a “super drunk walk” lol. until health comes back via bandage or something.

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Is there a way to add an option to change the look of the male/female images? Instead of looking so “cartoony”, we would like them to be able to look more like the outline of a body, sort of like this?

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Yes it is possible, if you send me this model with good quality, I can make the change and even launch a new version with this model

I have plans for that, I don’t know when the update will come, I’m working on other projects at the same time :sweat_smile:

Do you just need a png for the body? If so, here you go!


Has this new model pictured here been added yet? I’d love to have something like this also.

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When I have some time I will be adding this template

Not yet, but will be added soon

Your Tebex not working?

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Yes, tebex is working normally.

Update 2.1

  • NUI interface

    • Some optimizations have been made to all VueJS code.

    • Added a new body template (templateImg = ‘new’).

    • Added new bruised images (templateImg=‘new’).

    • Added new ‘diagnosis’ image (templateImg = ‘new’).

    • Added new ‘dead’ image (templateImg=‘new’).

    • Added a new function, which shows the last weapon that dealt damage to the player, available only in template = ‘new’.

  • Code

    • Some fixes and optimizations have been made
  • Permission

    • You can now set a permission for the command that checks for damage taken on another player.
    • Go to config.lua and add permissionToVerifyAnotherPlayer, if left blank, everyone can access the command.
  • Event

    • Added an event that allows opening menus
    • For example, you have a medical menu and you want the interface to open for it, just call this event
    • Checks player’s own damage → TriggerEvent(“mxOpenBodyDamages”, ‘me’)
    • Check the damage of the next player → TriggerEvent(“mxOpenBodyDamages”, ‘player’)
  • New settings (Config.lua)

    • showLastWeapon (true/false) - Enables the last weapon that dealt damage in the interface
    • templateImg
      • default - current interface
      • new - new images
    • permissionToVerifyAnotherPlayer
    • Comments were added to max_health and min_health indicating the value of each framework, if not changed

To use the new version, just download it again in your keymaster assets, there you have the old version 2.0 and the new version 2.1

Update 2.1 (Additional information)

  • It is necessary to modify the Game build of your server to 2802 higher +
  • If you use TxAdmin, just go to Setting, FxServer and add

+set sv_enforceGameBuild 2802

  • Or directly in server.cfg

set sv_enforceGameBuild 2802