Body Damages V2 [ ESX / QBCore / STANDALONE ][PAID]

Update 2.2 (Database)

  • With this small update, it will be necessary to clean the entire Bodydamages table, otherwise it will give information errors, since the way it was stored has been modified.
  • Minor database performance update.
  • The script was saving the player’s entire damage information vector unnecessarily, making the table very heavy depending on the use and number of players.
  • Now only save the information you really need.
  • Removed some unnecessary database queries.
  • Now the database is only called when starting the server, inserting and deleting

To use the new version, just download it again in your keymaster assets, there you have the old version 2.1 and the new version 2.2

Your mod reminds me a lot of what can be seen in the GTA online beta

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I had never seen GTA itself, in fact I never played the beta, very interesting.

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Do you have discord server so we can keep track of any updates easily?

two questions,
1, I have the old v1 of this and it kinda works mostly, but really like the looks of this v2 but was wondering if there is a discount for those of us with the old version?
2, does this (and if not, can it) show the players actual health? I just finished a little script for our community where medics can get a medbag and set it near an injured player then interact with the bag to check the players health and treat them if needed but all it’s doing for checking them is simply getting their current health and max health so it displays to the medic a simple notification saying the victims health is like 165/200 but instead of doing the health check I wrote, I would like to just have the interaction all this instead but would like it to show the actual health as that determines if the medic is able to heal the victim in the field or not (if a players health is low enough to be critical, all the medic can do is partially treat them to “stabilize them” and then transport them to the hospital for futher healing but we bast that simply off the players current health so the medics need to know that information.

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  1. Yes, I can offer a 15% discount for those who have the old version.
  2. It’s an interesting idea, I thought about adding it to show the player’s current and maximum life, along with a heartbeat line display that changes according to the player’s life, yes, it is possible to add it.

So we are having an issue. We cannot use the diag function to look at other players. /health works fine, but when doing /diag nothing happens. And nothing showing in the consoles either regarding errors?

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This is strange, from the old version of the script to this new one,
The /health and /diag commands have not changed, they remain the same
Do you try to check the other player when he is alive or dead?
In the Config.lua file, check that the ‘permissionToVerifyAnotherPlayer’ configuration is empty and that the game build is 2802+

tested on players that were alive with various levels of damage. permissions in config is set at '' and my game build is b2944.

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I will test the script, it may have broken something perhaps, I updated my server recently and started using this build, theoretically everything should be working, anyway, I will test and even launch the update you suggested.

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Update 2.3


  • Custom reason death last damage


  • Now the entire table with damage information is processed on the client side, sending only what is necessary to save to the server.
  • Removed a variable that prevented showing the last weapon that caused damage in the interface.
  • Now when the player gets hurt alone, the damage will be counted, before it wasn’t.
  • The classic interface was fixed, it was not showing the damage.
  • All vector keys have been changed and optimized.
  • Fix translate.
  • Optimizations in html vuejs.

New features

  • Added some animations when the player receives some damage, there are few variations
  • Added time that the player will spend with this animation, default is 30 seconds.
  • You can define whether every time the player receives damage, the time increases.
  • Added Heart Monitor that shows the player’s life.
  • The heart monitor has variations in the display animation, normal (green), damage (blue), critical (yellow), almost dying (red), dead (straight white line).
  • The monitor has a ‘shock’ button, which works like a defibrillator (Good for Roleplay)
  • You can define whether the defibrillator will require an item (does not remove the item when using), or whether it is authorized for use without an item, or disabled.
  • The defibrillator has a success percentage, which can be defined in ‘config.lua’.
  • You can set the attempts for the defibrillator to be successful, otherwise it will not work.
  • When using the defibrillator and managing to revive the player, he will gain a little life, but will still need someone to lift him up.
  • You can set the life the player receives upon successful defibrillator.
  • When using the defibrillator, it will have a shock effect on the player (particle), you can disable this in ‘config.lua’.
  • When using the defibrillator, there will be an animation of the player trying to help the other, you can disable this in ‘config.lua’.
  • The particle is synchronized with everyone on the server, in this case, anyone nearby.
  • It is now possible to use healing items for each type of damage the player receives.
  • Just go to ‘config.lua’ and search for ‘itemsCure’ and define the items.
  • Remembering that it is necessary to register the item on your server.
  • By setting the label and item to false, it will not be possible to perform the cure.
  • Another player can heal someone nearby.
  • In the interface, when hovering the mouse over the damage, the player will be shown which item he should use.


  • It will be necessary to delete all data from the database.
  • This is necessary, because all keys have been modified.

Animation damages

Items Cure


Defibrillator Shock

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To use the new version, just download it again in your keymaster assets, there you have the old version 2.2 and the new version 2.3

I have Wasabi ambulance job and the job has a terrible diagnostic, is there a way to only use the damage overhaul for EMS to see?

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Yes it is possible, you can provide specific permission