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Blueline State Roleplay™ is a ESX based roleplay server with real laws, vehicles.


About us:

Established in May, 2021

Our mission at BLSRP is to provide you with a friendly, professional, stable, life-like and highly customized server that you can use to make friends and enjoy quality roleplay in our home state of Blueline. We offer a massive variety of custom cars, assets and clothing to allow you to fully immerse yourself into our roleplay.

Social Media:


  • Working Microphone
  • Must be able to speak English

What do we offer?

  • ESX/Lambda Menu
  • 4k Vehicle Selection
  • Experienced Developers
  • Custom Scripts
  • High FPS & Stable Environment
  • Hundreds of Addon Vehicles
  • Relaxes Rules / Professional Roleplay
  • Gangs/Drugs/Car meets/Robbery’s
  • Friendly Staff - No BS Punishments
    ------------------------------------------------♝**Come check us out today!**♝------------------------------------------------------

High speed unit.PNG


medical attention night.PNG

medical attention night.PNG1514×575 73.7 KB

normal speed unit

normal speed unit898×492 363 KB

Police cars day.PNG

Police cars day.PNG1920×569 124 KB

Police cars night

Police cars night1163×550 605 KB

pulled over evening

pulled over evening836×464 491 KB

pulled over night

pulled over night1019×562 407 KB

stopping car evening.PNG

stopping car evening.PNG792×473 38.3 KB


swat.PNG1000×569 55 KB


cars.PNG1920×686 203 KB

cop aresting night.PNG

cop aresting night.PNG1452×652 63.6 KB

cop outfit evening.PNG

cop outfit evening.PNG1920×574 106 KB

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you in the server :slight_smile:

From: The developers from Blueline State Roleplay