BlueLine Network | FULLY Whitelisted Server | Currently looking for Department Heads for Serious Role-play, devs and a host for our sever!

Here at BlueLine Network, we do the best of our ability and provide the best services for the community. If you would like to join, then you may join the discord below and apply for our whitelisted server. Stay Safe :heart:

*This community consist of everything elite roleplayers search for in a FiveM server. It has directors with vison and common sense, it has high quality resources and custom assets such as EUP, MLOs and more. It has minimal resources for fantastic performance on everyone’s end, and an organized Discord for new members to navigate easier. This is whitelisted so all roleplay will be completed in pure quality. We are incredibly excited to begin growing together and you should join us. This is your family. Keep in mind that the sever will not be up until we have found a host/pay for the sever.

Highly experienced staff and administration team.
Extensively trained law enforcement, firefighters, dispatchers, and civilians.
Tons of ranks, subdivisions, and departments for you to further progress in Simple State Roleplay and experience all aspects of the community!
Realistic, professional, and a new unique style to roleplaying.

State Police
Sheriffs Office
Las Santos Police
Dispatch Operations
Management Positions Available
Recruit Team Department

We hope to see you here at Simple State Roleplay​:rocket::mega:

Discord Link : BlueLine Network official Discord

Discord link: BLNRP | Blueline Network Roleplay BETA