Blue Code Gaming Recruiting

Blue Code Gaming Recruiting

Who we are: Blue Code Gaming is an easy going but realistic Law Enforcement Role Playing server. We consist of former or current Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, EMS personal, Dispatchers, or just individuals interested in one of those careers.

What does our server offer: We use the vRP economy. We offer several different Law Enforcement personal options. Including the US Marshals. Our server also offers firefighting, EMS, and Dispatching. We have recently implemented a new CAD system. We have OVER 80 different patrol cars ranging from Non-Els, ELS, and ELS style. No need to download ELS files if you don’t want. We have several civilian jobs available for anyone interested in being a civ. We offer apartments and vehicles to be purchased. We are a laid back community but we also expect all players to be realistic. We follow through with the whole scenero. From the time of the arrest all the way to transporting and retaining at the prison cells. Right now we have snow on our server until 2018. We have no minium requirement on the amount of time on the server. We do not care if you are with another community. We didn’t buy your game. We don’t give you a real life paycheck (we do however give you an in game paycheck). We have no business telling anyone where or who they can be a member of.

What are we doing: We aim at being realistic. But what is realistic? Officers are not allowed to “Profile”. They can not follow a civ until they break a law. Civs aren’t allowed to go “offroading”. Vehicles are limited to a speed. We have legal and illegal jobs on the server. We have Role Play nights were we dismiss the “Real Life” concept and let the Civs be creative. Detectives are doing investigations on different crimes. Once the day is over there is cases that continue onto the next day. IE: a homicide occurs the dectives will continue investigating till the subject is caught. Robberies, prostitutions, car thefts are all investigated and can carry over into the next day. We want to provide a realistic approach with everything on our server.

Reason for recruitment: At this time we have gone through a reorganization process and lost several members. We are a very small community at this time. We need to grow. We lack LEO’s, FF’s, EMS, and Dispatchers. If we gain enough members we plan on opening up more additional departments including a possible Coast Guard and Air Division.

What are we recruiting:

  • Police Officers
  • Sheriff Deputies
  • State Troopers
  • Fire Fighters
  • EMS personel
  • Dispatchers
  • Security Officers
  • Civilians
  • Developers
  • Artists (vehicle skins and community logo)

If you are interested please apply at and file an application. Any problems during this please visit our Discord channel at: