Block for resolutions like 5:4, 4:3

Simple script for blocking resolutions like 5:4, 4:3 and other made for fun but if someone need then there you go : >


hahahahah, nice work

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thx <3

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it was made for fun so, and if somene needs it then there he goes

Pretty nice to dumb those players that are complaining about the server not supporting lower resolutions :’)

thx <3 You can also use this too and actually set it in the config. Just compare it to the current x/y since the native grabs both and doesn’t use a blanket.

Though i don’t see a reason anyone should use this resource. If people want to play on 1440 or 4k they should be able to. If they have UI issues then A) The server owner should fix them B) The server owner should be a normal person and explain why they’re having these issues and ask them to change their resolution.

To kick a player because of your incompetence to do A/B is just absurd.


Quite useful for PVP servers that want to give everyone same advantage.
4:3 makes heads bigger, is used in CS alot.

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yeah, but some RP servers wanted to block tryhard players, because most of them want to have high RP not RDM.