BleedBlue RP SAFR

Hello San Andreas Fire Rescue is looking for active firefighters to help grow our department, Our server is whitelisted we do have SAST and BCSO if firefighting isn’t your thing.

Check out or twitter
and our discord BleedBlueRP

I AM A IRL VOL. FIRE/EMS i will join if you accept those kind of people

Yeah IRL is always welcome Scott.

Server Scripts and features:

SmartFires! with Fire/EMS pager integration: Get paged when on-duty for fires that start across the map. New locations/scenarios to be added as we grow.

Fire supply line scripts to add realism to using hoses

Grappler: Tired of chases running forever? Special Traffic units now can equip Grapplers on the front of their units to help safely and quickly end pursuits.

Over 40 callout scenarios including fire/ems calls

Over 60 custom vehicles, from Fire/Rescue, LEO and CIV.

LEO Air units have working cameras with tracking, Nightvision and FLIR

Dozens of open and custom interiors and buildings for use

Premium LEO training facility with shoot house and driving course

K9 scripts as well as a proper German Shepherd K9

Working EMS interactions with ambulances and stretchers

In-vehicle radar and external vehicle commands