Blaine County DOJRP (BCDOJRP)

This server is amazing, the staff are well chosen, and the people aren’t toxic.

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Bump bump bump We are looking for dedicated devs! Dm me @ A.Campbell#2585 or join the BCDOJRP discord @ :slight_smile:

Bump, New Features added, Lag Decreased, Presidental Election in progress! Join the peak of roleplay at BCDOJRP link in post!

Bump, New features and framework made by @xerxes! Also a new In-Game CAD and more organized depts.

Literally the best server i have ever played on. Great staff, great community, awesome fun. And so many cars.

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Bump: Social Medias out now! Come see footage of our server @

Bump, three full 80 slot servers yesterday and 50 away from 15000 members! P.S still looking for car devs and active cops!

Bump we are at 16,600 members now! Crazy! And we are still growing incredibly fast and always looking for more White listed cops!

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BCDOJRP Server is a amazing server to be in. The commulity is good place to find new friends the staff are very hepful if you have any problem with somethin. The owners are cool people on the planet. I am happy to be back on that server. i will recommed join it as you will see that it good server to be in.

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BCDOJRP can be an amazing server at times and the community is filled with brilliant people. Unfortunately however this experience can be ruined if you get on the wrong side of management/ ownership team. Upon my ban there was nowhere I could go to talk about my ban or ask because I had been banned form the forums, and when I contacted the owner I was blocked which did not help. I was banned by an owner who thought I had disrespected him however I did not and was then banned due to his anger on me which I think is extremely unprofessional and unfair… I’ll miss this community for all the good times it brought me but unfortunately all good things come to an end. If this issue could atleast be resolved I would definitely give this an extremely positive “review” but this experience has brought it way down for me personally.


I love the server best server on fivem

Bump 19,000 Members!

need help quick

I can not join this server because your not allowing me. It says to open discord on this pc and rejoin 2. How do I fix this problem?