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*Blackout Roleplay was founded at the start of August 2023, and was in discussion for months prior. The directors of the community take time and put effort into everything they do for the community to make sure it won’t fall apart. We built the server with the understanding that realism is a major role in successful FiveM roleplay. Come check us out!


*Ability to communicate with others in a variety of ways (Walking on the street interaction, getting mugged, talking to Law Enforcement on a traffic stop, ect…)

*Ability to play in server with a working mic.

Open Jobs/Positions

*Standard Civilian or LEO
*Staff spots Moderation → Administration!
*BCSO/SASP (0-2 and under)
*Medical Head (SAEMS)

What We Feature

  • Custom Vehicles
  • Addon Weapons
  • 100+ Scripts to improve realism
  • Multiple different LEO departments
  • Experienced and professional staff, as well as owners.
  • Blackout Roleplay

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Ka aku mau gabung main di sini boleh GK ka




Server update:
Added Framework - Im extremely excited for this. I’ve have added a custom framework so that you can create a character, as well as picking a spawn location that you would like to enter the server in. This framework also automatically links your character to sonoran cad, you so don’t have to do anything but set your player details inside of our cad.

Money/ATM/Bank Script - This script has a custom salary with it, with every 20 minutes you gain $300. This money can be paid to other players using /pay (id) or /give (gives to closest player near you)

Damage Ragdoll Script - This improves realism within the server, whenever a player is shot in the leg it ragdolls you, simulating what would happen in real life if you got shot by a firearm.

Revamped Vehicle Damage - I’ve completely revamped how your vehicles get damaged, its tuned for a more realistic health as well as adding the /repair command (dosent automatically fully repair your car)

Anticheat - This was pretty long overdue, but I’ve added an anticheat to the server, this should hopefully keep all the modders out.

  • Added PersistentFlashlight (keeps flashlight on when weapon is not being aimed in)
  • Added a vehicle antilag/2step script (will be paid)
  • Added SAFD section to /vs, as well as more civ vehicles
  • Added /help script
  • Added different queue script
  • Added multiple different fire department vehicles
  • Added announce script for staff
  • Added new discord RPC Script
  • New loading screen

Bump, first patrol is this saturday!