Black Line RP

Hello everyone I would like to invite you to Black Line RP.
Black Line RP is a newly founded RolePlay Community and looking to expand.
Such features of the server are:
» 3 Departments (SAHP, BCSO, SRU).
» Easy to join - All you have to do to become a member is join the Discord. To join a department you have to answer a couple of questions from the high command of which ever department you are trying to join.
» Add-on civilian vehicles.
» Plenty of departmental vehicles.
» Active and kind staff.
Whats the next step?
» EUP - We are working towards getting EUP into the server
» CAD - In the next week or so from this being posted, we should have a CAD system.
All you have to do is join the Discord and the rest will be dealt with in the server.