Bike Hire - Hire & Return Bikes - Machine - London Studios [Paid Resource]

Bike Hire - London Studios - (Paid)

This premium resource is a great addition to any roleplay server, adding a realistic bike hire experience to the map with several docking stations that are fully synced between players. These allow a player to walk up to the machine and hire a bike, they can also take the hired bike back to any docking station to return it.

This is incredibly useful for allowing your players to quickly get from one garage to another, by hiring a bike along the way. The resource has lots of pre-configured docking locations however you can always add more in the configuration file.

The resource is highly configurable, not only allowing you to add more but you can also integrate this into your own framework such as vRP and ESX. You can fully edit the server file and charge the player to hire bike, or if they have insufficient funds you can stop them from hiring one. You can translate this resource to another language.

You could even restrict this resource to certain players, such as making this a donator only perk!

This resource can easily be retextured to another country as the bike share schemes vary by region, the default models included are for London, UK and the Santander Bike Hire scheme.


Take a look at this short video showing the resource in action. You’ll see how it resets the bikes to ensure this syncs to all players and works on both OneSync and Non OneSync servers.

Paid Resource

This is a paid resource, we are conducting the sale of it through Tebex. This is approved by FiveM and we have been in contact with them to confirm this sale is approved.

Find out more and purchase it here.


You can hire a bike by walking up to any of the machines at a bike docking station. Once you are at the machine, a prompt will ask you to press ENTER (this key is configurable in the config) to hire a bike. If you integrate this into your framework, you can make it check whether the player has sufficient funds.

If there is a bike available, the dock will light up green with a marker and the bike will unlock, allowing the player to move it. They’ll be notified in-game that this is now unlocked for them. This syncs with all other players and means that they’ll no longer be able to hire a bike from that dock.

The amount of bikes at each dock varies, some docks around the map only have 3 stations whereas others have 5.

Full Features

Hire a bike - If there is a bike available, you can easily hire it by walking up to the machine.
Return a bike anywhere - After hiring a bike from one dock, you can return it anywhere!
Cooldown - In the config, you can enable a cooldown - this is in minutes and requires the player to wait before hiring another bike.
Blips - Blips on the map will show the players how many bikes available at each docking station in real time (configurable).
Automatic Reset - On busy public servers, players may not be inclined to return the bike they hired. This can be enabled in the config and after a configurable amount of time, a hired bike will automatically be “reset” at the dock, allowing another player to hire it. This can be toggled on/off simply in the config.
Enhanced Realism - These are appearing all over the world and it is a great idea to bring it to your FiveM server. This will enhance realism for your players and also set you apart from other servers with unique resources such as this, bringing more enjoyment and fun to the game.
Framework Integration - You can easily integrate this into a resource such as vRP or ESX.
Highly Configurable - The resource is highly configurable, see the config section on what you can configure. You can even translate the resource to another language
Fully Synced - Our resource works on both OneSync, OneSync Infinity and Non-OneSync.
Custom Models - Our 3D Modelling team converted these models for this resource.
Permission Checks - You can easily add permission checks by editing the server sided file or add checks based on bank balance, requiring people to pay to hire a bike.


You can easily open the config_bikehire.lua and configure the script to your liking.

The first section is called main, allowing you to set the following:

main = {
    spawnBikeInDistance = 200.0, -- The distance to spawn in bikes in available slots (to optimise performance)
    machineUsageDistance = 2.0, -- The distance away from the machine to hire a bike
    machineKey = {0, 191},
    returnKey = {0, 191},
    bikesAvailable = 100.0, -- This is the % of bikes available at each dock. eg, 50% would mean 2/4 bikes at each dock when server starts
    enableBlips = true, -- This enables blips
    blipName = "Available Bikes: ", -- This shows how many bikes available at each dock
    blip = 226,
    blipShortRange = false,
    blipScale = 1.0,
    blipColour = 1,
    blipDisplay = 4,
    returnDetectionDistance = 1.0,
    enableAnimation = true,
    animDict = "[email protected][email protected]@enter",
    animName = "enter",
    hireCooldown = true,
    hireCooldownTime = 5, -- 5 min cooldown before player can hire another bike
    enableResetBike = true, -- This toggles automatic reset on/off, best for public servers to keep it on
    time = 10, -- Reset a bike to a dock after 10 minutes automatically

You can see from this just how configurable the resource is.

The config file allows you to configure loads of things and even has the ability to reset bikes after they have been hired after a certain amount of time, eg, 10 minutes. This is great for public servers where players may not return a bike themselves and you want to reset it, allowing enough bikes for others.

You can configure the % of bikes that spawn in by default. Eg, if you want all the docks to be half full at the start when the server launches, set bikesAvailable to 50.0 rather than 100.0.

Secondly, the translations section allows you to convert the resource to another language.


  1. Purchase the resource through our Tebex store here.
  2. Create a new resource folder in your server directory.
  3. Check your email for the downloaded resource, please check your spam folder.
  4. Place the contents of the downloaded .zip inside the resource folder.
  5. Configure the resource to your liking


London Studios are committed to ensuring high standard support is offered to all customers who have purchased this resource. Our support team will do our best to assist you, however in some circumstances we will be unable to assist, such as integrating it with a framework our support team may not be familiar.


We appreciate feedback, bugs and suggestions related to Throw Bag and future plugins. We hope you enjoy using the resource and look forward to hearing from people and seeing videos/screenshots of the plugin in action!


Take a look at some screenshots of the plugin in action.


Nice resource but the next time upload the videos to streamable or another platform pls. The video preview in forum it’s so slow.


Thanks for the feedback, we’re glad you like the resource and we will update the thread and upload the video to another streaming site.

London Studios

Thank you to those who have purchased this resource. We look forward to hearing your feedback and viewing any screenshots you have taken!

If you require any support we are here to help.

London Studios

Nice and funny release! :smiley:

Looks good! Unique release

is there a way to make the bikes faster??


You can modify the handling lines on the bike. Please search the forums on how to do that, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

London Studios


We launched London Studios exactly one year ago today, with the aim of releasing a few resources.

Since then, we’ve grown exponentially and to celebrate, everything on our store is 10% off for 24 hours only.

In addition, we couldn’t have done it without the amazing community who have supported us for the past year.

is it possible to change the rental spots in code or is this mapping?


Yes this is possible, you can easily edit the locations section of the config file.

London Studios