Big sync issues

Hello everyone,

I have been experiencing synchronization issues on my server for some time now. Vehicles are despawning, teleporting to random positions, and sometimes simply not unlocking. These problems occur randomly, sometimes there are no issues for hours, and then suddenly there is a lot of desynchronization. As you can imagine, this can be terrible for my players.

Does anyone have any idea where this could be coming from? Here is some information about my setup:

  • I am using OneSync infinity
  • I am on a dedicated server from Zap Hosting
  • I developed the base entirely myself
  • I create vehicles using CreateVehicle() on the server side
  • I have reduced the appearance of Peds by half, but without success.

Thank you for reading.


What game build (sv_enforceGameBuild, also known as ‘DLC level’) are you using? There’s some yet-unknown regressions in build 2802 which might be related.

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Hello, thanks you for the answer

i’m currently using the 2699

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I’m not sure if this is relevant or related, but sometimes players simply can’t get into a vehicle (they’re like “frozen”).

And some players can see vehicles while others can’t.

Some additional information, I tried to find the issue with runcode.

  • I checked the RoutineBucket of the entity, it was at 0 (like all players). Just in case, I set it to 1, then after a pause, reset it to 0. The car still didn’t appear.

  • I was able to teleport to the coordinates of the vehicle, but it wasn’t visible.

  • I tried reloading the model just in case, still nothing.

  • I made a loop that checks the coordinates of the vehicles every 10 seconds, and sometimes the coordinates taken between two sequences don’t make sense. It’s not because the vehicle moved, in 10 seconds it’s just not possible to cover that distance.

  • I omitted the assumption that a modder is doing this, it’s been going on for too long (or maybe they’re really persistent haha).