Better arrest animations

Hi, I was just hoping / looking to see if someone could just make a script with ALL arrest animations.

We all know the hands up and hands up kneel but I would really like if someone could add another one where the suspect could get on their stomach with their hands behind their back, like in LSPDFR. Just a sipmle chat command.



Maybe be working on something with more animations :wink:


Like this one I have?


That is awesome…

have seen that on pixel and a script for arresting peds wonder if that work with F6 menu :thinking:

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I have it in my f6

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could you share :disappointed_relieved:

I love that.

i need this too :slight_smile:

Share it with us my love.

I’d like to know this as well, does anyone know the animations @Frobski used?

could you share :innocent:

I use those animation to cuff and uncuff on my server :

those are nice and work in any menu :stuck_out_tongue:
even made them available for my gang script

but I have a hardtime placing the target on ground on this one :’(


Are you able to share the animations @RyuShin?

Hi, do you share that animation of the officer?

The animation with dictionary is this:
TaskPlayAnim(lPed, “mp_arrest_paired”, “cop_p2_back_right”, 8.0, -8, -1, 48, 0, 0, 0, 0)

You would add this in the cuff function before boolean parameter to know if ped is cuffed.

PD: This example is for esx police job.

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can i get it, but is it for vrp?

do you need to be a patreon to have this animation ?

Mmm no, only follow the tutorial to include this in cuff function of policeJob.

hm all i need is to add that code in this line ?