[BETA] Radar and Sonar for Aircraft & Boats

Not Working for me … Not Detecting. Did someone get a Fixed Version?

I know this is old as hell but the resource is great and I found a solution to the “Not Detecting” problem.

All you need to do is fix the ‘getPedsInSession’ function:

function getPedsInSession(includeSelf)
	includeSelf = includeSelf or false
	local peds, myPed, pool = {}, GetPlayerPed(-1), GetGamePool('CPed')

	for i=1, #pool do
        if includeSelf or (pool[i] ~= myPed) then
            table.insert(peds, pool[i])

	return peds

I just took this function from ESX and it works flawlessly.


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thank you. love you for that

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nice work bro

is there anyone that can continue work with this script ?

I kinda did. I will maybe post a fork when I am done!

thank youu so much bro :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I had an idea of dev to create with this script but I did not have time so if you can and want to do it here it is:

Make sure that long range missiles like the skyline ones which are aim7 or aim54 can’t be fired if you don’t lock a radar target. Once locked the gta5 missile will lock that target.

If it is an aim7 and you unlock the missile it will explode in flight. Otherwise with an aim54 it continues to lock.

If you want we can work together on it, I don’t mind.

woooow nice idea bro

Radar not working for me. Not showing any other aircraft, even when I added the code someone sent.

hi how is going on ?