[Beta] Menu Builder [UPDATE 24/02/2018]

the language barrier is troublesome…

This resource to be replaced by ft_libs

Do not change the resource. You have all the events and exports to use it without writing in.

Donwload :

Doc :

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great resource :slight_smile: perfect base, thanks

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Amazing Script:P
I have a small Question…
If you want to Execute a Chat Command, how is the code then? :slight_smile:
Or do you just need to trigger an event insted.

I have not made a command system via chat, but it will come with time. If you speak well of / on chat ?

It was more to set it to:
[Release] [pNotify] VOIP System - Designed to Work With FamilyRP Style Voice :slight_smile:
Was thinking like to take these commands, and but it into a Menu so its easyer
/voip whisper
/voip normal
/voip yell

If you understand :slight_smile:

Thanks for linking my thing I appreciate you.

I am trying to use this resource instead of esx_aiomenu to open my other menus such as esx_animations and esx_phone but i cant seem to figure it out. Is this not how i would do it?

{ text = “Server Event”, eventServer = “esx_animations:openAnimations”, data = { text = “text” } },

sorry for noob

Is there a current example? The example linked here is named as “old”?

is it easy to make a police f5 menu with this like adding cuffing, fines, clock in/out with password

mod menus??

With this resource i could hook it up to open a new menu right?