[Beta] Menu Builder [UPDATE 24/02/2018]

This resource to be replaced by ft_libs

Name: ft_menuBuilder

Do not change the resource. You have all the events and exports to use it without writing in.

This allows you to create your own menus as external resource.





wow! amazing job! :smiley:

But what does it :D?

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You can create your own menus with :smiley:


I really love it, thank you so much bro, i’m building a new menu for my server! :smiley: <3


ok so i have it loaded but cant get it to pop up only key i have seen in files is f1 but nothing

ok so i have it loaded but can’t get it to pop up only key i have seen in files is f1 but nothing

Well, The OP can correct me if I’m wrong as I’m still very new to scripting and LUA but this isn’t something you would load on your server and press to dynamically lay out a menu. It’s something you’re going to have to script on your own using the exports provided here.

In the cl_exports.lua

The f1 key you refer to is in the example script he provides showing you how to call his exports and stuff to make the menu types you would need. You would then have to custimise them from there for your script that you’re using.

       exports.ft_menuBuilder:Generator(menu)  -- CALLS THE GENERATOR FROM THE MENUBUILDER

      -- Press F1
      if IsControlJustPressed(1, 288) then -- CHECKS IF THE CONTROL IS PRESSED
        if not exports.ft_menuBuilder:IsOpened() and GetLastInputMethod(2) then -- IF MENU BUILDER IS NOT OPENED AND USING A KEYBOARD
          exports.ft_menuBuilder:Open("ft_menuOne") -- OPEN FTMENUONE
          exports.ft_menuBuilder:Close() --OTHERWISE CLOSE

so basically you’ll have to use what he’s provided as as tool to make your own menu’s but he’s given you a good base.

time to learn coding lol

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This really is a sample basis, no need to take the example and create your menu with. The example is the right one to “show” how the tool.

Do not change the resource. You have all the events and exports to use it without writing in.


yeah im just not all that great with these things i mean if its setup to where i can change it to what i want then im good but since all im wanting is a addon spawner to the server side not my side cause i can use addon car spawner script from gta5 mods and its shows all cars that i have but it does work in other servers at times

You can really create any menu, that it is an admin menu, a shop, etc…

Yeah I’m using this right now for a little script I’m messing around with and it’s awesome and easy to use. Gj

From where i can download ft_ui?

This looks amazing, but your github links redirect to a 404 error.

Well… it’s gone over 6 months with no activity. I would think its safe to assume this is dead. :face_with_thermometer:

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Shame, it looked promising.

I have just made public, the links are available again.

The link is dead again :frowning:

Okay, I’m not exactly understanding this. I see the example, which is good to build off of, but menubuilder?

Is this an in-game gui used that builds menus? If not, and it only has natives and coding, why give it a resource if it can not be used? I’m confused. Can I get a little clarification? And if it use a menubuilder used in game, I cant find any valid readmes other than installation and no instructions on how to open the darn thing.


An example is available what do you want more?