Benzz NHS Ambulance Station [MLO]

this is an English NHS Ambulance Station that consists of,

  • Exterior Carpark
  • Office Space
  • Indoor Carpark
  • Staff Room

i will upload some pic of it but for now ive uploaded a youtube showcase of this interior. ( yes i know its watermarked it was a 5 mins put together until i can find time to redo one properly.)

you can purhcase this only thru my Tebex at


Don’t you think the price is a bit high for so little


the price i set for this was just £45 which is fair price. original price was £50 however when added to tebex they added there fee on top of the £45 i stated so it ends up being £54.

new price adjustment for all products.

new set price for all. big reduction in price for all my interiors.