BCSO Ford Explorer | NON ELS

This is a NON ELS ford explorer. Skinned for BCSO. Model made by C3ST4 Via, CPOT Designs, Skin made by me.



  1. Download file (above)
  2. Drag folder into your resources folder.
  3. Add start BCSO_FPIU to your server.cfg


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Nice Vehicle would be even better if was a pack of them not just the one. :slight_smile:

do you have proof you have the permission to release the car model too

yes i had these cars custom made for my server and i re skinned them and released have permission from the vehicle dev

I can verify that he ha permission, Im one of the devs

nice car only thing i would change is the livery not following the shape of the car but oh well its nice anyway.

whats the spawn codes?

How do I get the vehicle