Basiccly Unplayable Now (Help

Describe a detailed explanation of the bug you were experiencing - I am Part of a community called GEC I Work as a paramedic full time And now after a couple weeks of playing i discovered a bug. when i join the server where ever the rp is set to you spawn there But only the town loads in like say i spawn in paleto and i go partially out of paleto i fall out of the map and it teleports me a couple feet forward but i don’t land because it dosen’t load. Also When i spawn if i press escape my mouse cursor is invisable Sometimes it will even get stuck loading the escape menu.

Things I Tried Allready- Deleting cach.xml / Cleaning out my gta 5 Folder to its original state /verifying gta 5 / Tweaking nividia settings / removing my menu (LAMBDA) It seems it happens to others on the server aswell but i am unsure why i have common pressence of bugs in games but this one has me thumped. If anyone can assist me with this problem or tell me if it is the servers issue that would be very appreicated.

Add screenshots if possible- I will add some if requested

Add a date and time to when it happend (only neccesary when it’s not happening constantly). It started happening a couple days ago id say when the animals update arrived.

The animals update has been in quite a while now.

Also, please contact your community server administration for these issues. Default FiveM doesn’t have ‘roleplay areas’ of some sort. If you experience problems with it it’s coming from the server you are playing on.

If you have the same issues on vanilla FiveM server, report back.

Now i have Found out it isnt a Server problem It Now happens on various servers

I own a community and a server, I have not experienced this issue at all.

I suggest you try to set your game priority to high, that could fix it.

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