Basic Feedback

So I haven’t been in FiveM for a while I just kinda keep updated on it every so often.
With FxDx I used it to set up a “Test Build.” I got it to launch but the chat did not work so I figured let me try to restart. I proceeded to stop and start the server and seemed to keep this blue screen (Client Side). I couldn’t get anything that I saw would work then some of the resources would not load, so I thought let’s just restart it. In the bottom right-hand corner with all the other applications that get minimized, there was, social club open twice. I closed both of them and restart FxDx and it proceeds to boot right up with the chat working and no error in the server-side console. I think this is a GREAT application integrated with FiveM, I would suggest for people using it, give the application time, if there is something wrong look around other than the FxDx itself. I plan to try to use more features but as some people have already said, a change of the port would be nice and basic functionality or maybe a tutorial that I may have missed over.

Thanks for feedback!