baseMods V.1.1.4 with the MYSQL dataBase


baseMods Is a mode that allows to have a basis for all your new mods

Current Features:

  • interface UI html/css/js for role play
  • Switch the role play menu when going to the gta menu
  • Give or remove money
  • Interactive thirst system
  • Centralization of the texts of its mods, easier to translate a whole mod (html/languages.js)
  • Parameter setting system (client/base.lua)



  1. Do not use any other base mode (ex: Essential-mode…) IMPORTANT !!!
  2. Launch an executable for MYSQL (ex: easyphp, wamp, xampp …). I advice easyphp under windows.
  3. Insert the SQL side in its database. SQL content in the sql.sql file
  4. Set the “baseMods” folder to its server-side fiveM “resources” folder
  5. Change the MYSQL identifiers in the server/interactionsBDD.lua file either: MySQL:open(“”, “gta5basemods”, “root”, “”)
  6. Add the “-basemods” line to its server-side citmp-server.yml file
  7. All texts are stored in the html/languages.js file. The system can easily switch from one language to another
  8. Change your settings in the client/base.lua file.
    Enjoy !


local parameters = {
["avoirSoif"] = true, -- Enable the urge to drink
["activateEat"] = true,
["activateWC"] = true,
["devise"] = "$",
["langue"] = "FR", -- FR or EN... | add the language in html/languages.js file
["primaryColor"] = "#007E00", -- Couleur primaire en héxadécimale | Primary color in hexadecimal
["secondaryColor"] = "#41C541",



TriggerServerEvent('bm:updateAugDimBDD', {{"money_joueur", "+", 5000}}) -- Send to the dataBase System
TriggerEvent("bm_sendNuiMessage", {mod="baseMods", type="moneyChange", typeMoney=1, addDim='+', montant=5000}) -- Send the UI message (message for the interface UI html/css/js)

The example below sends $ 5000 to the player. To remove instead of giving change “+” by “-”

TriggerServerEvent('bm:updateBDD', {{el, value}}) -- is el=nameColumnDataBase, value=newValue`
-- Exemple
TriggerServerEvent('bm:updateBDD', {{'money_joueur', 5000}}) | The player's wallet is fixed at 5000$

The example below allows to modify a single value in the database

TriggerServerEvent('bm:updateAugDimBDD', {{el, "signe", value}}) -- is el=nameColumnDataBase, signe=-ou+ ,value=newValue

The example below allows to increase or decrease a value in the database

TriggerEvent("bm_sendNuiMessage", {mod="baseMods", type="viewMsg", model="zone", text=1}) -- is text=keyInArrayLanguage (in the html/languages.js file)

Display a zone message

TriggerEvent("bm_sendNuiMessage", {mod="baseMods", type="viewMsg", model="mission", text=9})

Display a mission message




Please don’t use keys table, it’s really bad and causes confusion.

I dont have a problem in my script.
I have tested it for hours and everything works well

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As @fermium said, the problem is that you are assigning a key instead of assigning a control. This is not a working problem, but maybe a semantic one.

Where is my problem exactly?
On my TriggerEvent ?

You’re using this:

Ahhhh no
I doesn’t use this file.
I just let it to know the agreement of the keys of the keyboard

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Hello esquimen, i really like you mod over essentials.

Im using it as a zombie server base, could you please do so when you’re in water the thirst meter goes up ?
( like if people were drinking when swimming or at water )

Hope you release the food and shit meter (lol) soon !

(would this work ? )

if IsPedSwimming(ply) or IsPedSwimmingUnderWater(ply) -- nager + nager sous l' eau | swin + swim underwater
updateRP("drink_joueur", 100)

Goodn its fun !
Yes this function work, but is more inclined to drink if one swims or one runs just to make realistic with a system of physical effort.

If we swim we want to drink because we do sports.
What ‘s your server I’ m curious about ?

hi , thank you good job.

Thank you verry much

Version V.1.1.4 online
The V.1.1.5 version will arrive soon

can you please include change logs?

does this work with any essential-mode addon?

Please look the insctructions.
The essential mods is not compatible with basemods but all scripts can be modified for basemods

oh… okay. thanks…

There is normally everything in the initial post

There’s one thing i don’t get, in your first screenshot you’re doing a mission, probably trucker or something, but your job is “jobless”, or it was for the test

Hi, it was to test it.
You can find my test script here.

A really big thanks :slight_smile:
Un gros merci :wink: