Banning players

Hello all forum warriors, I wanted to ask your opinions on how to ban a player so that it is not as easy to get around bans as the current easyadmin bans etc.

ban them on all identifiers, so ip, rockstar license, steam, xbox etc…

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Is there no other not so common way that I can add to those? I was wondering if I could make a backend web browser verify where I create a custom web fingerprint for each one that connects to the server and then ban it if needed.

Use a combination of player tokens GET_PLAYER_TOKEN - Docs

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you could make them have to register / make a account sort of like gta cops and robbers does

what if I have several servers and I want to ban someone from all of them at once?

Ban the identifiers and or the tokens, insert them into the database, and use the playerConnecting eventhandler to check if they are banned or not. If yes, connection will be interrupted.

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how does it work, btw?
is this something like HWID?
How should it be used? Just make a long string or make ~10 rows in the DB?

As long as the servers are owned by the same account, that’ll be fine.