Banned on Discord for my idiotic behavior [ Ban Appeal and appologies]


I am a dumb person i know, i can spill a lot of toxicity or misunderstand the situation most of the time cause of my Autism which makes communication or understanding social situations difficult sometimes, during my stay with you guys i have felt great community which i had totally loved but sadly my input was not big enough and i got into some ugly scenerios with D-Bubble and my rude comment, i did not know who she is and did not want to attack her personally, after rethinking i had understood my idiotic behavior and would want to you to reconsider if i would have maybe a second chance, in the future i will try to develop open-source projects to contribute to the community more than i had took out and help to make FiveM great again.

If you think i should not be a part of the FiveM Community and help to develop a server on your Framework i will understand it, but please reply to me so i can know if i should switch frameworks or should i maybe continue to use FiveM and not abandon my work which i had spent over 6 weeks, 12 hours a day developing.

Greets EuropeanPepe