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Ballistic Roleplay is a FiveM community opened June, 2020. We are a group of people that role-play realistic and professional. We are a open and flexible community that everyone can join! We have numerous amounts of departments and sub divisions.
We have spent countless of hours creating and working on Ballistic Roleplay, making it to the best possibly can.
Anyone is welcome to join and have some fun doing RP.

1. Fictional Police Departments.
2. Civilian Add-on vehicles (Permission based).
3. Custom built assets by our development team.
4. Semiserious RP.
5. Member based level system.
6. Weekly Improvements.
7. Custom Blacklist Script (Vehicles, weapons & ped models).
8. Custom Law Enforcement Vehicles.
9. CAD/MDT system.
10. Friendly and respectful staff.

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currnetly looking for co and staff memebers feel free to message me on discord Tie#0999 for more information