Backcountry Roleplay [BCRP] - English Text Roleplay - Seeking developers


Backcountry RP; the first English Text-RP server is currently in a closed alpha and seeking additional developers. One or two creative, talented individuals to help mold/improve our growing community. Formed two months ago due to the lack of available options, we bring over a decade of roleplay and community development together backed with dedicated, secure in-house hosting to provide what we hope will be the groundwork for an amazing experience.

Those interested in applying must meet the following criteria; there are no exceptions.

  • -LUA/C experience needed with unique examples to provide.
  • -English is our ONLY language in the community.
  • -Mature, open-minded and willing to work as a team.

Please tell us about yourself; your time zone, hours of activity, and possible other communities you’ve been apart of.

Interested?? Please shoot me a private message and we can proceed.

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