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Back The Blue RP

We are a very fun and professional roleplay community, we are looking for people that are willing to stay with us as we grow and people who will be great leaders to our departments. We Currently have slots for certain staff roles, as well as looking for people to fill our department staff. We have EUP for all departments and a large selection for our civilians, As well as a great fleet for all departments with great sub divisions.

-We have a open field of departments to join-

-Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
-Los Santos Police Department
-San Andreas State Police
-San Andreas Fire and Rescue
-Communications Department

Sub divisions:
we have a great are for sub divisions
1.) Aviation
2.) K9 Officer
3.) Gangs and Narcotics enforcement
4.) Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
5.) Motor Bike Unit

Things we can bring you!

  1. Active staff team that makes sure the server is in tact

  2. Custom Civilian & Police/EMS Cars

  3. Custom EUP outfits

  4. Custom Addon Buildings

  5. Developers that continue to make the server better

BTBRP Disclaimers

  • Ages 13+ or older to join
  • Must have a working microphone
  • have a legal copy of GTAV and FiveM installed.

Discord link:



bump bump bump!

Bump Many new things are being added everybody

bump :)… making big changes to departments and civilian department. Open for suggestions!





coming along well! still need department staff, and more people to come grow with us!



bump!! Website running,CAD up and in progress of custom state patrol cars! Come join us!