AXFW | INVENTORY | FREE | RELEASE (Outdated, Check the new post)

are you using the standalone version?

Yes, and i would like it to trigger an event from on use

just use TriggerEvent or TriggerServerEvent since the use is triggered client sided

I was not able to trigger an event from the shared file where the items use are placed. I tried trigger serverside and clientside but nothing worked.

Thats weird, can you share a screenshot?

I can write the code here, i attempted ALOT of diffrent things :smiley: This is the last attempted code:

[‘PISTOL’] = {
label = ‘Pistol’,
weight = 15000,
unique = true,
Close = false,
Decaytime = false,
Use = function(item)
local playerPed = GetPlayerPed(-1)
TriggerServerEvent(“zinze:checkpistol”, playerPed, item)
–print('Pistol Brugt: ',json.encode(item))

i attempt to do so it checks serverside if the player has the pistol in their inventory, if they do then it triggers clientside: SetCurrentPedWeapon(PlayerPedId(), GetHashKey(“weapon_pistol”), true)

When is the ESX version comming ?

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hi guys i’m havig a problem with the inventory maybe someone could give me a help

Can anyone teach me how to install it? I can’t do it all day.

Check the new post AXFW | INVENTORY | FREE | RELEASE (QBCore,Standalone)