Autostart fivem server on linux?


I would like to know if there is anybody who got a working autostart (on boot) script for my Ubuntu VPS so it automatically starts fivem when i start my server.

Thanks in advance!

Took me exactly one minute to search the forums with the word ‘autostart’ to come up with this.


Yeah i saw that, but when i try to execute the script i get the following error:
2017-03-27 14:01:02.7844|FATAL|CitizenMP.Server|Could not open the configuration file citmp-server.yml.

And the server doesnt start. Alle the files in the bin folder have 0750 rights, i have also tried 0755 and 0777

try re-downloading the cfx server again and running the new download just to see if its another program (e.g mono) being wonky.

also if you want it to start upon boot you could use crontab

#crontab -e

@reboot  /location/ofscript/
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Yeah nice ! that seems to work yeah.

Thanks for the help!