Australian T-Shirt Package - EUP Textures for [EUP 8.1]

This is some “Australian” clothes, It’s cringe but I was bored and had nothing better to do

It includes:

  • Australian Flag T-Shirt
  • Aboriginal Flag T-Shirt
  • Get on the Beer’s T-Shirt
  • Bunning’s T-Shirt
  • Harden Up T-Shirt
  • Sassy the Sasquatch T-Shirt
  • 79 Series Landcruiser T-Shirt

How to Install:

  1. Buy and Install EUP into your Server (Need to pay $15 for Patreon)
  2. Drop the YTD file’s into the eup-stream folder
  3. Use them.


Don’t claim it as yours’s, If you have any suggestion’s leave them below and I’ll make it

1.0.0 - Initial Release - 16/07/21
1.0.1 - Second Release - 16/07/21

Notice as of 17/07/21 for all EUP Related Releases
This is my first attempt at EUP so it is pretty crap, I will return in later month’s and give it the attempt it deserve’s, however at this time I want to nail down basic idea’s and learn more before putting more effort in

Australian T-Shirt Pack.rar (225.8 KB)


Great work mate!