Australian cars

Hello iv looked around and found nothing at all im looking for someone to make me some aus cars for my server like the…

Holden VL
Holden VT or VX
Holden Vk
Holden VS or VR
Holden VE
Holden VY or VZ

Ford FG 2013
Ford BA
Ford AU
Ford BF

just some cars like that i would dearly appreciate it if you had spare time and if you really could make sedans and utes and wagons thxs heeps
Just type in Holden or Ford in the searchbar on GTA5MODS.

non of the cars iv just discribed are thier only the vf and ve and non of the fords

this would be absolutley beautiful. and old VK wagon would be nice, if only there was some 3d moddels :frowning:

Ford FG


unfortunately there are alot of low quality models for australian vehicles as there aint very many modelers for aussie stuff, and alot of american car modelers wont touch aussie cars or are just unreliable…

There is currently a VL walky free to download on Aus Gamer,
there is a VL calais police car on Ozzy Gaming (shit model),
a few VL Turbos, VS GTSR, few holdens and fords on Aussie Adventures, (a number of unreleased cool asf models),
There is a BA police and civ falcon on lspdfr (model is average)
NZDOJ have a VK i believe.
no AU’s going around atm but your looking at $700+ to get one made
if a car is hard to find its gonna cost big $$$ to get made…

if a car can be pulled from forza or other games it can be cheaper, but to buy a model offline with a HQ interior it isnt cheap.

and i have a v8 supercar

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Holden VL Turbo Commodore (Add-On - FiveM - Custom - Sounds) at Grand Theft Auto 5 Nexus - Mods and Community theres a VL Turbo

its quarantined tho so can’t download

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should be fixed

its a leak rip

is there any chance you can send me the file?

if you have that downloaded can you send me it pls

i know where you can get all these

Whanau RP has the Au Falcon