Attempt to index a boolean value (local 'player')

hey guys, i am working on a framework in my free time while study on how to code.

i would like to get help there because i stuck a bit. and i was trying almost all ways to solve it but didnt succsess.

server side error

AddEventHandler("mc:paycheck", function(source, grade)
    local player = exports['framework']:GetClientData(source)
    local amount = 25
    print (player)
    local grade = player.getJobName
    if grade == 'unemployed' then
     amount = 25

Which framework are you using?

It would appear that your framework is returning a bool when it shouldn’t be, that looks to be the issue.

His own it would seem.

none ESX or ES.

thanks i’ll look into it

Thats impossible, ESX does not retrieve user data this way.

I think you’re missing the point, he is creating his own framework, not ESX

Oh, missunderstood it. But yeah, I guess if he’s creating his own framework he should know how he’s returning his player though

May I ask why you’re using exports to get your player data?

well you guess right i had fixed it without making fun of this thread.


i use exports to get player data cause i code like a shit. and its a easy way for me :slightly_smiling_face: