Attached objects being re-attached when player disconnect & reconnect


Using canary? Yes
Windows version: 8.1 & 10
System specifications: Various


Operating system: Windows Server
Artifact version: Any latest one (+2700)
IP address: Localhost and my Public server too
Resources: +150
System specifications:


Summary: If a script create a object attached to the player ped, if the player disconnect and reconnect while the object is attached to him, the object will be attached again to the new player ped, causing odd issues like Objects colliding with other entities (even when the Collision was disabled before the reconnect) and some Pool crashes
Expected behavior: The object be deleted when disconnects.
Actual behavior: The object are not deleted and are re-attached to the player ped when him reconnect.
Steps to reproduce:

  • Use the command “/phone” from the script below (Files for repro).
  • Disconnect after seeing the phone on the hand.
  • Connect again and when the player spawn, the phone will still stuck on your hand.

Server/Client? Hm… Server?
Files for repro (if any):
PhoneRepro.rar (697 Bytes)
Error screenshot (if any):
.dmp files/report IDs:
Any additional info: Even when not set the object as Mission Entity and disable their Migration, it still being re-attached on reconnect.

Just a random question: if a different player reconnects, does it end up ‘attached’ to the player that uses the old player’s object ID range?

I wonder if this is possible to resolve without having to deal with the slightly overly complex entity attachment state data nodes. :confused:

My friend had disconnected with the phone attached, and when i connected, the phone got attached to my ped.

similar problem
Hi, I have the same problem. Sometimes the last weapon I use sticks to my foot (only when I enter the server). It is very annoying since it affects, for example, collisions when you get into a car.

Possible solution : I only know that some servers have configured a command of this style: /debug that what it does is eliminate any error object from its ped. You just enter the command and all those objects fall to the ground.

It would be ideal if someone gave us some help.

Weapons are not usually attached objects, huh? Are you using a script that attaches weapons as objects?

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First of all thanks for your prompt response. Your question is interesting. I use weapons-on-back and holsters-1.0.3.