🪐 Astro RP🪐 | NEW CITY💥 | Serious Roleplay | Now recruiting PD, EMS, CIV Businesses | Player Owned Business | Housing | Custom Scripts! | Player Owned Business |

Astro RP is a newly developed public to play Roleplay server with custom scripts such as Player Owned business, MDW, Boosting custom cars, Housing and Much more!

If you are interested in flying in to the city our discord is: [AstroRP]
Quick Connect: / Cfx.re

Futures that you might wanna hear about!

  • :briefcase: Custom Player Owned businesses
  • :red_car: Custom Cars!
  • :police_car: Multiple PD Departments/EMS such as SASP, LSPD, BCSO
  • :alembic: Drugs labs! Such as Meth, Coke and more!
  • :racing_car: Formula 1 Racing with Player owned racing teams and drivers (Coming very soon! Looking for Players!)
  • :world_map: Custom MLO and Buildings!
  • :herb: Weed crowing!
  • :pill: Oxy runs, Meth Runs!
  • :bank: Bank robbery, Jewelry store robbery and Vault Robbery!
  • :computer: Boosting cars and illegal racing!
    And many more!

Civilian Jobs

  • :pick: Mining Job!
  • :fishing_pole_and_fish: Fishing!
  • :bear: Hunting !
  • :axe: Lumberjack!
  • :grapes: Vineyard Runs!
  • :truck: Gruppy6 Delivery!
  • :red_car: Tow Job!
  • :wastebasket: Garbage grew!
  • :taxi: Taxi!
    And many more!

Our Departments and business are always looking to hire more people!

Astro is thriving to build a community that will respect members and future staff members! Our devs are working hard to make this place amazing,. If you are looking for a environment to play on, role play or just meet new people please feel free to join us.


Serber good 11.25/10 (I have a gun to my head help)