Asset Escrow Questions


So I am a Lead Developer for a community and I am looking to purchase some scripts for said community to use, I have no issues with this and have done this once before in which I have ran into the question which I can’t really seem to get a straight forward answer for.

Since escrowed assets can only be transferred once via keymaster and obviously for the escrow assets to work they need to match up with the server owners license key, if I paid for the asset how would I go about getting said asset back?
I absolutely love the idea of protecting developers from leakers and stopping code from being reused on other resources but if the developers ToS allowed their paid resources to be used on a community which you are apart of as long as you are in that community then how would you go about getting your paid script back if the community was to shut down for instance or script wasn’t needed in the server anymore? do you lose rights to the resources you pay for once transferred?

I hope this question hasn’t been asked previously, I have looked far and wide over the forums and google in regards to this and can’t find anything that answers my questions, I am a bit mangled here as the way escrow encryption is set up it means if you wanted to provide paid resources to a community you would have to transfer it but then you can’t get it back… it makes no sense.

Have a nice day and hopefully somebody can help me even a tiny bit :wave:

The way I handle it as a store owner:
If both parties (original purchaser and the guy who got it transferred) agree to a transfer back to the original account, I will do so.
If the guy who got it transferred cannot confirm it for whatever reason I will require the original purchaser to show me a proof before I do anything (and I will always put a note in the purchase so I can easily see if someone is doing it more than once…).

But of course that entirely depends on the store owner. We are not required to do so and the big red message when transferring is there for a reason.

I appreciate your reply and the time you took to write it.
I totally understand where you’re coming from and I personally don’t expect developers to help in situations like the examples on the original post.
I personally (and this is coming from somebody with zero Tebex or FiveM escrow experience) believe that the whole limited to one transfer is quite useless in the bid to tackle leakers and resellers which is why I made a post today to find out the process of retrieving back content that I pay for primarily due to the other person not being able to transfer it back to me.
With the encrypted code as well as the asset only being able to work with one account at a time combined the limit on transfers serve no security purpose apart from potentially forcing people to pay again to get their purchased assets back.
Perhaps if you have some time you could steer me in the right direction in a developers point of view if I am thinking of that feature wrong but that’s just how I see it in my eyes!

Again, I thank you for the time you spent to reply to my topic :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile:

You can have up to three license keys on your account for your own servers (and as far as I am aware you can even request more if you have a legitimate reason).
This in turn means that you can already use the bought products on three servers.

We (as store owners) can never actually know as to why you transferred the asset in the first place.
For all we know, you could have sold them to someone else via shady means and then just request them back. First of all that would be really scummy but also it would mean that you didn’t go through Tebex (the only platform allowed to sell FiveM assets). In the end you just scammed someone and you might have lost your account for that behavior.
I personally never had any situation where this was the case. Then again a lot of people don’t get back at me when I tell them that I need a confirmation from the third party. They don’t even ask why. Stuff like that leads me to believe they might have done something scummy along the way.

The transfer limit is fine. That is a good thing. But people should not abuse it. And people will 100% abuse it when it is not there.
But I see that it could be an actual use case to be able to transfer it back again (not another account, just back to og).