Asset Escrow Issue

Asset Escrow user is reporting: client.lua line 1 syntax error near ‘<\1>’ on an AE encrypted script. No other users experiencing this issue and cannot replicate with latest version from keymaster, has anyone else experienced this? Also seeing the same issue on a completely separate escrow script I use on my own server. Works fine in a test environment and throws a syntax error on an identical production server

This issue has been resolved. If anyone else experiences this, this issue is caused by the absence of the .fxap file on the server in our case. Certain FTP clients do not show hidden files out of the box, so make sure that setting is turned on when copying files over. If you use git as part of a CI/CD integration it may also ignore these files, so just be sure that ‘.fxap’ gets onto the server.

metoo,But I do Failed to start resources after fxap