Asi loader not working

Asi loader is blocked by the mod. Any explanation?

Preventing server administrators from executing viruses on their connected clients

Blocked? What do you mean. Clientsided it works fine.

Moved to support

Some mods not working properly for me. Eg. InversePower uses only SciptHookV and its simply mod to make cars not loose power while sliding, but totally not working on FiveReborn.

Other mod - Stance. I can crouch, but not prone. Its .net script and in logs mod is properly loaded.

3th. more advanced script mod is LeFix Speedometer. Working, but bugged. Speedometer arrow always is upright, and game crashing after check map in pause menu.

Everything of course on the client side in plugin folder.

@KatanaDriver Has to do with compatible natives. Only the natives till the low rider update will work.

I found one solution. Configuration files (.ini .xml) need to be in GTAV dictionary, but as you write, newer mods have problems.
Only wait for update of Script Hook by you team.

@KatanaDriver Won’t matter as the new natives simply don’t exist in this game version.