Ascension Roleplay

Ascension Roleplay | | Whitelist | POLICE, EMS | JOBS | EVENTS | OWN ANY BUSINESS | GUN SALE | DRUGS | AGES 18+ | HOUSING | 500+CARS, BOATS, PLANES | CUSTOM CARS | CUSTOM INTERIORS | Drivers, Boaters, Pilots, Gun, Medical licensing | Court Trials | SERIOUS RP | MUCH MORE

Ascension Roleplay Will You give us our new life?

How do I join?

  1. Discord:
  2. Get whitelisted
  3. Play

It’s that easy!!

ARP is now launching and we want YOU to be a part of our city! Serious RP server that has so much to offer.

We have legal and illegal jobs! Join now and climb the ladder in the LSPD or you could start your own show as a criminal mastermind! Don’t like those options?

Go drive a bus around the town, go mine or deliver pizza who doesn’t like pizza? And lots of other jobs you have to see for yourself!
Make new options! We are always open for new ideas, so get that business pitch down and let us hear it, we might work something out.

We have phones with apps like twitter, 9gag and dark-web chats, very friendly and welcoming staff and players who care about the community and want to make a better server everyday, there are lots of different drugs you can collect, process and distribute, we have real estate agents that sell and rent out properties, we got car sellers so go get your first car! We also have active DOJ if you should need a lawyer or license. We have a bunch of different scripts for Robberies like Jewelry store, banks and bank trucks as well as being able to do home burglaries sneak around and steal items from the houses at night

Features Listed Below

  • Mumble VOIP
  • Steamer Friendly
  • Active staff
  • Active development
  • Custom scripts
  • Custom Vehicles

Whitelisted jobs:

  • Troopers
  • LSPD
  • BCSD
  • Sandy EMS
  • DOJ
  • US Marshals
  • Mechanics
  • And more

Public jobs:

  • Mining
  • Trash-Scrap
  • Hunting
  • Taxi
  • trucking
  • Bus
  • Pizza
  • Noodle-Food Truck
  • Chicken
  • Body Parts-Postal Jobs

Criminal activities:

  • Drugs sell/buy
  • Bank robberies
  • House robberies
  • Jewelry store robberies
  • Bank Truck robberies
  • 12/7 Robberies
  • And more!