Art bug mitigation: room edge cases

Continuing the discussion from Native Audio, voice occlusion in same room:

It might be workable to add a bypass case for occlusion handling for the emitter and the local player being in the same room.

No art asset was provided to reproduce this sadly, @manzarek can you confirm if this was a R* interior or some third-party asset having the mismatch between collision and portal?

FWIW, 0x14037A6B0 (1604) looks to be the primary occlusion calculation entry point.

It is indeed not a Native Audio bug but a R* bug
You can reproduce alone with ingame music (at premium deluxe motorsport default r* interior) for example.
I am now not sure if this is fixable or if it is worth spending time on this.

Bypassing occlusions for player in the same room will only fix half the “issue” as you could bypass occlusion both ways. (a player outside could bypass occlusions to hear clearly a player in an interior)

The “issue” also occludes voice when a car is in the way


A change or a fix in r* code if possible would be appreciated since this behaviour doesn’t alway make sense