AREA 51 Riptide | Zombie Themed PVP Server

AREA 51 Riptide | Zombie PVP Server


What kind of server is AREA 51 ?

AREA 51 is a zombie themed player versus player (PVP) server. The main purpose of the server is to kill zombies, loot dead zombies, fight and dominate from zombies and real players and increase your crew or your global rank. AREA 51 aims to maximize your gameplay experience. If you want to join the server and experience this unique game, you can join us by following the instructions below.

How can I PVP ?

You can feel the PVP experience to the fullest. You can only use selected weapons in the scrap house, so if the pistol is selected, you can’t use shotguns, kill the players, earn money and xp. If you want more freedom, you can go to the redzones, find more valuable items and fight with the weapon you want, and the best part is that depending on luck, random redzone coins can be dropped from the person you killed, you can collect them and buy better weapons. Do you want to share an experience with your friends, gather your team and try to capture the airdrops, if there is a golden airdrop, try to be more crowded. A little advice from me to you.

How can I get items ?

There are many ways to get items on our server, the easiest way is daily kits. Do not forget to buy the starter kit when you first enter the server. Your weapons are ready now it’s time to kill some zombies. Each zombie may be more valuable according to the region it is in. For example, a zombie you kill in the redzone will drop more valuable items than the one you killed in the safezone. These are just by exploring the sample server, you can discover more loot collection methods.

What is the crew system ?

Will you kill zombies with your friends and dominate everyone ? Create a crew so you can see where your friends are and how much they’ve killed etc. Recruit your friends and fight other teams and let everyone know who is the boss. Try to be global top #1

Item sales and trade system

There is a market system on the server where you can instantly see whether the items are sold and evaluate the market. You can buy cheap items and put them more expensive and manage the economy, or you can exchange with people and try to collect all valuable items. To reach more people, you can come to our discord and use the trade channel there. There is freedom in AREA 51.

How can you contact us ?

​​The most active platform used by the AREA 51 server is the Discord platform. You can join our Discord server AREA 51. Discord is not the only platform that AREA 51 actively uses. You can visit our website to see our other platforms AREA51 Contact - Area 51 Community Website

We have support for more than 8 languages, please feel free to contact us

What do NPCs do ?

We have 7 NPCs on our server trying to help you;

  • Scotty: He teleports people to safe areas.
  • Felix: He’s the owner of the redzone store, and transports people to private areas.
  • Jaque: He’s a master tattoo artist.
  • Matilda: She has a great clothes shop.
  • Max: He has powerful cars and offers the possibility to modify them.
  • Axel: He sells first aid kits, armor and special needles.
  • Leito: He sells great guns and mods them. (A little note: Every NPC and player is unique, the name of the person with the most player kills each season is given to this NPC)
  • Zahit: He keeps his items in his warehouse free of charge and sells the surplus items cheaply. (A little note: Every NPC and player is unique, the name of the person with the most zombie kills each season is given to this NPC)

I would like to tell you about the content and systems;

  • Advanced Zombie System
  • Special Inventory
  • Kit System(F2)
  • Squad System
  • Crew System
  • Enhanced FPS Optimization
  • Safezone System
  • Leaderboard System
  • PVP Zone
  • Redzone
  • Scrap House
  • Airdrop System
  • Daily Event System
  • Daily Reward System
  • Lootboxes System
  • Global Market System
  • Custom Hud
  • Car & Weapon Modification
  • Special Teleport System

I’ll leave a few images for you to get some ideas and see that we take our work seriously.

  • Inventory

  • Squad System



  • NPC’s


  • Kit System

  • Other Systems






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