Are Server-Side Turn Signals Available Yet?

Does anybody know if server-side turn signal/blinker scripts are available yet? I could really do with turn signal synchronisation in my roleplay server. We’ve got the siren script and now we need the turn signals. It would also be pretty cool to know if we can use those yellow marker lights on our cars too just like the American ones in real life.

Any information is appreciated.

Enhanced Reborn has an option under the second page of Vehicles named “Vehicle Controls”. It has many options such as Windows and blinkers.

Thank you. I am aware of the Enhanced Reborn’s capability to do that but what I’m looking to find out is if those blinkers would sync with other clients in the server. If I was to use the blinkers in the Enhanced Reborn trainer, would others in the server see them?

If you are still looking for something, try this: