Are reallife radio stations allowed on fiveM?

so i have a question.
with the rules on copyrights and no reallife models (for exceple audi and Volkswagen)
is it allowed to change the radio wheel to real life radiostadio’s that are streaming on the web?
the image you see are dutch radio stations. (so basic terms take the radio station URL and play it in fivem)

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You’ll need to verify whether the name and/or the logo constitutes “intellectual property” in your jurisdiction and the jurisdiction from which these radio stations originate; the exact way to do that depends on said jurisdiction, so be sure to do your research. If it is registered, you should not use the name and/or the logo, unless you have approval from the rights holder. If you’re unsure, it would be better to avoid using IRL brands and names, even for radios.

so basiclly if i dont use the logo i can play it?

You need a license to stream pretty much any music that isn’t fully in the public domain. Radio stations have a license to play music for their use, that license does not extend to you or its use within video games. The music is a bigger issue than the logo/icon to be honest.

ok bosss