AR15 Pack

AR15 Pack

  • High Quality Textures & Models
  • Animated
  • Add-on two Different Weapons
  • Lined up Iron Sights & Scopes
  • Easy to Use Attachment Menu
  • Custom Weapon Wheel Icon
  • Over 10+ Shared Attachments with more to come in the future
  • Uses Escrow (All Files Besides Models Unlocked)
  • 100x100 Inventory Icons

Buy Here $15.00

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Free Releases (Github)

Custom Weapon Wheel Icon

Code accessible [Yes]
Subscription based [No]
Lines (approximately) [1 Line + Metas]
Requirements [FM Shared Components Included With Weapon]
Support [Yes]

Nice work

Looks good!

How can I do this sniper prone animation in fivem?

It’s the pron animation from the assassination mission, Im not exactly sure the name, but look for animation with “prone” in it should find it.

Hello, I bought yours of your model, but my weapons do not have a butt, how to solve it?

You need to download the FMShared resource from the keymaster.

Sorry, I don’t really see any other accessory files inside the zip

Maybe I installed it the wrong way?

You need to download the FMShared resource from the keymaster it is a separate resource.

Is there something wrong with your resource pack, I re-installed it twice via key and still no butt

You need to have the HK417 resource and the FMShared resource started, you should also start the FMShared resource before the HK417 resource.

The resource is configured correctly, as if there is a problem with your model, so can you check it out

The resource has been updated, you can redownload it from the keymaster and there shouldn’t be any issues.

After I re-downloaded this resource, the weapon did not work properly, have you tried to test this weapon on QB-server.

They work on any type of server and you are the only person having this issue, I cannot seem to replicate this at all, make sure your artifacts are updated and you are using both assets on the right cfx account.

Where is the FMShared that this weapon plug-in depends on after updating?

It is in the keymaster I kept telling you this is the resource you are missing.